The deacons are leaders who assist and promote spiritual activities and growth of our church. If you join us one Sunday, you will be greeted by one of our deacons once you enter through our doors. They are the welcomers, and often the first face many of our members see on Sunday mornings. Often deacons will assist in sacraments of baptism and communion. They may also assist the pastor at weddings or other events. Deacons also visit members who are unable to regularly attend church.  Our deacons are usually longtime members, and often volunteer their time in various facets of our church.

Meet Janet!


“I've been a member of the First Congregational Church for many years having been baptized as an infant, attended Sunday School and joined the church in the early 70’s. I married my husband Phil here in 1991 and our two children Courtney and Lauren were confirmed here. My father Ralph Husmer was a deacon and it was an honor to become one as well as I feel like I am carrying on an important part of our family’s tradition in serving. I look forward to greeting you on Sunday mornings. Please join us for some of the many opportunities and events our church has to offer.”

Meet Lois!


"I have been a deacon for many years and it has been a fantastic honor...I especially like visiting people and serving communion."

Meet Ruth!


"The peace that I find in the worship gives me everything to go out into the world to share what God has given to all of us."

Meet Carol!


"When I was asked to be a deacon, I wasn't sure how to respond. I didn't feel worthy. Then I realized there was nothing to think about, and said yes. I love being a change-maker in the congregation. I'm not photogenic. Are we done?"


Meet Janet!


"I have been a member of the FCC of West Haven most of my life. My service as a Deacon is to Welcome all who wish to join our congregation in worship. Another important mission is to open our doors every Monday at 11:30 and serve lunch at Alex's Kitchen. I work with a dedicated group of volunteers who are proud to provide a place for people in need to have lunch."

Meet Pam!


"Being a deacon means having a part of helping the church. I enjoyed being a part of the baptisms of each of my grandchildren. With God all things are possible."

Meet Carol!


“I have been a Deacon since 2005. Serving as a Deacon is a very enjoyable experience, the most enjoyable part is visiting our older members who are no longer able to come to church. Sharing time with our older members and listening to them talk about their lives is very rewarding. 

Being a Deacon has made me more active in the Church and I now have more knowledge of the spiritual life of this Church.

If I had one spiritual message to share it would be to believe in yourself and know that God is always there with you.”


Meet Pat!


“I felt God’s presence with the look in her face as I gave her communion. It was the most beautiful thing…and it was just the peace on her face as I gave her communion. I felt the presence of God. I really did.”

Meet Bev!

In 2019 I was blessed to become a Deacon of the church as I use my talents with the First Congregational Church of West Haven to create the Prayer Angels and Prayer list for our Congregation as well as those in the world who are in need of prayer.  I am interested in the Love of God and how He works with all people individually and congregationally.

I am proud to call West Haven my new found home and camaraderie of the Board of Deacons  are inspirational as the knowledge and caring attitude with them is priceless.