Steeple Restoration

Founded in 1719, the First Congregational Church of West Haven has a deep historical significance to the City of West Haven, the State of Connecticut, and to the United States. The Church was the first Meeting House in West Haven. It housed the first library, the first bank, and the first school. 

Our steeple and bell tower are a staple and landmark of the community. It is believed that the Church’s 169-foot steeple is the tallest in Connecticut, as it was used as a guide for sailors navigating Long Island Sound.  The steeple has served as the Church’s icon and represents a symbol of hope, love and stability. 

After a severe hurricane in the 1950’s, the steeple was virtually destroyed. The community pulled together, and a new steeple was constructed over a steel frame. Unfortunately, our steeple is in need of repair. The restoration will require either new wood or composite material to be applied to the framework of the steeple, with the goal being a near exact restoration of its beautiful and intricate details. The construction cost for the steeple is estimated to be $800,000.

This project will help us continue to help our community. We prayerfully invite you to join our efforts to restore our beautiful steeple so that we may continue to provide much needed ministries to our community.