Prayer Requests

Everyone is welcome to let Beverly Grzymala know of prayer requests to be added to the list

Please keep her updated as to conditions or any changes needed.

Email:  Phone:  203-931-0111 (home)  or 203-521-8549 (mobile)


"In God We Trust" that those who are needing prayers and healing with Flu, Corona Virus, and all health conditions will be well.

29 March - 5 April 2020 PRAYERS FOR:

My Nephew William Scheutzow, who is a health caretaker in Ohio was exposed to a person with a positive virus. Prayers up please!

Vanessa Pietrosimone's friend, Pete Wegner passed away this morning from his courageous battle with esophageal cancer.

Ruth Costa requests continuing prayers for my friend Gail who got through her surgery fine and the test came back today she’s clear of cancer so no chemo required but was exposed to the coronavirus so Is Quarantine 14 days at the hospital

Gert Beckwith and residents of Ashlar Village in Wallingford are under quarantine because one of the residents is in the hospital after testing
positive for the virus. The rest of us have been asked to stay in our apartments until further notice.

Bill Ewry is home from the hospital and is doing well thanks for prayers. 

Kim George's cousins' father in law David Grills from Westerly RI passed away last night please pray for family.

Ruth Costa friend Leigh to the prayer list she began her breast cancer Journey with her First chemo therapy this morning

Lorraine Standish passed prayers for the family who have been long time members of this church.

Prayers for Bill Hodge brother of Doug, back in the hospital with dizziness and fainting.

Prayers for our members that are keeping our soup kitchens open and running keeping our food bank available for those who need God bless them all

Prayers for all those who have so little.

pray for Barb, repeat cancer treatment after no change diagnosis.
Kim George requests prayer for a mother of a dear friend of mine is dying.  She is completely incapacitated at this point so this would be a blessing at 92 years old.

My friend's name is Milton his mother's name is Filomena Merchan please add her to our prayer list for a peaceful transition into the hands of God. 

Sheri Torre  soup kitchen worker is in Branford hospice-- bile duct stage 4 cancer.

Joanne Shine wife of Dan Shine, they thought it was pneumonia is doing better each day at home

Judy Ewry requests Continued prayers for my friend Laurie, She’s feeling a bit better, but still has many health issues.   

Prayers of strength and hope to our friend Joann, who is waiting for a call from the hospital regarding a date for a heart procedure

Continue to pray for all the families dealing with this virus that it will leave their presence and that all will recover.

Bill Conway just home from hospital after fainting at the gym, no diagnosis was given, not connected to the current problem.Requested by Mary Jane McQuarrie

Mary Jane McQuarrie as she requests for John who has, complications from surgery.

Continued Prayers for Anne Fletcher as she has 4 fractured ribs from a fall by vehicle requested by Chris Lang, who is now home

Donna Morgan prayers for sister Mildred cancer of lungs and her father Donald who is diabetic

Nikki Trotta friend of Vanessa, prayers for strength and healing colon ca stage 4 has 4 additional chemo treatments

Ronald and (wife) Terry Smith- Cheney - prayers for pain free, strength for Bone Cancer a friend of Mrs. Mansfield is back in hospital

Deacon Tom Mansfield, sister having surgery this week

Friend of Doug Hodge in hospital

Effie good friend, passed away on 29 Feb 2020 prayers also for family and friends requested by Carol Memmott

Kim George would like prayers for relative MIA, pregnant again after a late-term  miscarriage, for a healthy and full term baby.

Kenneth Phelps neighbor of Linda Bondi passed away on Tuesday March 3, evening please keep Linda in prayers for support

Ramone Garcia-Castro for strength with a terminal illness.

Prayers for strength and healing Migdalis Flores of cancer

Prayers please for the friends Matt and Amanda Baby boy as he is having some difficulties and is in ICU requested by Deacon Ruth C

Martin Parker is in ICU after a hit & run accident on Sunday night requested by Vanessa P.

Mary Jane McQuarrie's, Friend Andrea, a Home Caregiver Personal business, who broke her ankle leaving a clients house

Molly Jenkins a 30 year old who has Cancer. She is undergoing chemo treatment lives in Hamden,Ct healing and strength, prayers requested by Phyllis Kidd send cards to: 67 DANIEL ST. HAMDEN, CT 06517

Hernandez & Rodriguez families healing & strength for the loss of Santiago Hernandez

Samantha and her mom for strength request by Pat Carleton

Hotchkiss family death of gentleman

Taylor broke leg

Kathy Donaldson, she suffered a slight heart attack and will be seeing a cardiologist this month.

Cheryl Novak request for health and wellness.

Jackie G as she begins her journey through breast cancer and continued strength with more health issues

Juliana Jarvy 10 month old baby has heart issues, needs prayers for strength and healing, Guidance that her Physicians are given the help from The Great Physician our God. Also for the Jarvy Family trusting in the Word.

Deacon Judy Ewry requests Laurie be prayed for as she is a friend who has multiple critica health issues and needs prayers of strength, hope, and progress.

Jeffrey Savinelli friend of Danielle cancer returned prayers for continued strength, healing and endurance.

Lillian Pagano, friend of Nancy Edwards, from California has MS and in hospice care.

Lila McGaffin prayers for recent surgery recovery and health at home with Metal Rods in her back

Prayers for Walter had Stent put in for healing and strength.

Stop n Shop workers dealing with cancer themselves Robin and Phyllis, may God knows what their needs are.

Patty who is in Rehab with health issues due to a house fire.

Barbara who are both battling cancer


Cheyenne young lady from church requests prayers for her dog, Kaida. who will be undergoing surgery and for healing.

Prayers for healing requested by Deacon Tom Mansfield for friends dog Bella with a Heart enlargement issue


Tom  Cramer prayers, for cure for cancer of the liver, procedure scheduled for Friday 2-7. God knows his needs

Andrea from Ohio seeing new Oncologist & will be having her 9th chemo treatment and will continue at least til August 2020, due to breast cancer

Rich, "procedure "  God knows his needs

Gaspar needs prayers and strength for  diabetic condition that has caused numerous problems, heart attack and a amputee and his caretaker Charlene for endurance.

Debby going for a bone scan. She also has breast cancer. The test results will determine treatment.