The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree began as a holiday season collection of hats, gloves, and other cold weather essentials.  One year, a young member of the congregation suggested leaving it up all year as a way to collect different types of items for a variety of causes.  The Missions Committee felt this was a wonderful idea; a great way to help local causes all year long.  Since then the tree has been used year round and served as a way to collect everything from canned goods to school supplies.

August Collection:

Fisher House West Haven

The Giving Tree collection for the month of August will benefit Fisher House West Haven.  Small notepads, pens, and travel sized deodorant & lotions to be used in their welcome bags can be donated beneath the Giving Tree located in Fellowship Hall during Sunday Services.  Please note that no other personal care items are required for the welcome bags and that items must be new, unopened, and unexpired.

Fisher House is a home away from home of families of veterans being treated at a VA hospital that do not live near a VA hospital. We in West Haven are fortunate to have a VA hospital in our city and it is not a problem to see our loved ones being treated there.  But this is not the case for some families of our veterans. Not every community has a VA in their town; veterans are sometimes transported far from their local community, family and friends. We all know that staying in hotels for an extended period is unaffordable to most and commuting is not always possible. Since 1990, Fisher House Foundation has served more than 305,000 families and provided over 5.2 million days of lodging, saving them more than 360 million dollars in lodging and transportation costs and provided loved ones to be with their family member as they recuperated. There are 72 Fisher Houses in operation and now, Fisher House in West Haven has opened their doors and now needs funds to help with the day to day expenses.

This is a way for all of us to fulfill our church’s Mission Statement by reaching out to our “beloved wider community” and also to thank those who have served our country.  Thank you to all for their generousity!

To learn more about this amazing organization and the opening of Fisher House West Haven, visit their website here.