The primary mission of FISH of Greater New Haven, Inc., is to provide grocery assistance to the home-bound in the New Haven area. They deliver free bags of nutritionally sound groceries to households in New Haven. The households include families with children, elderly, sick, disabled, veterans, unemployed and underemployed individuals who are often unable to travel to walk-in or mobile pantries and cannot afford an adequate supply of food. FISH is the only agency in the area to deliver free food to its (unfortunately) growing clientele. FISH of Greater New Haven remains a social service organization that is non-profit and non-denominational that relies on volunteers and donations.

Facts & Statistics:

- FISH is a pantry that delivers to 445 households each month,representing over 900 individuals

- 39% of our clients are senior citizens, and 26% are children

-On average, we purchase one bag of groceries for a little more than $9.00

To learn more about this amazing organization, visit their website here.