Christian Education Update

In a time where many things in our lives are anything but normal, we were able to have a little bit of normalcy in our lives. Thanks to the assistance of Bill Ewry, we were able to have a Christmas Pageant. It was not one exactly like we were used to. We socially distanced and wore our masks, but we had a lot of fun along the way. The Board of Christian Education and the students in our Sunday School program are grateful and very thankful for Bill’s assistance with the Christmas Pageant. If you have not already done so, please click here and view the Christmas Pageant. While you are there please like the video and leave a comment if you are so inclined.


Sunday School has been going strong with in person and online attendance.  We continue to follow the safe church protocols of socially distancing, wearing masks, and checking in upon arrival at church. Now that there are indoor worship services, the Sunday School families have a dedicated entrance. All Sunday School families (parents and children) are to come to the patio on the Savin Avenue side of the building. Everyone will be greeted there by a check-in specialist.   Once they are checked in the students will proceed upstairs to their classrooms.  Those who will be attending worship will proceed into Fellowship Hall to the Savin Avenue side of the sanctuary where they will be greeted by an usher and seated. Though we are having in person Sunday School, we will not forget our friends who are not ready to join us in person just yet. Sunday School is still being conducted online as well via Zoom. Details are e-mailed weekly with the information. We hope you will join us. 


The Board of Christian Education held their Annual Christmas Eve Breakfast, though this year was a little different than previous years. We were not able to have a sit down breakfast and have the children of Sunday School come serve breakfast. This year we had the children come the night before and help us set up and prepare for the Grab & Go Breakfast. On Christmas Eve morning, we had Ruth C., Gerry H., Joe H, Fran S, Frankie D and her granddaughter Jocelyn, Nicole & Matt R. and their children Bella & Logan, Lauren and Laci L., Chris and Kirsten, with their son, Mikey, and Kirsten Vargo all working together cooking, serving, and greeting our patrons with Christmas greetings and a warm breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and juice. Our thanks go out to everyone who came and helped, as well as those who helped by giving monetary donations – it was a great team, and we couldn’t have done it without them.  Together we served 150 breakfasts to our community on Christmas Eve morning.  

As we continue to teach our children to pray and how important it is in their faith journey. Please talk to your children and tell them that it is ok to pray wherever they are, it shouldn’t be limited to just church. To continue to encourage our children (adults too) to pray each day here is a monthly calendar of ideas to help everyone pray.

If you have any questions regarding Sunday School, children’s programs or how we are navigating our programs during COVID-19 please do not hesitate to reach out to Kirsten Vargo, Interim Christian Education Director at